Big Ten in the latest polls

Polls after two weeks are kind of like belly buttons: they're almost completely worthless, but since they are there, we might as well look at them.

Here's how the Big Ten stacks up in the latest rankings:


4. Ohio State

11. Michigan

17. Northwestern

20. Wisconsin

23. Nebraska

Receiving votes: Michigan State (27th), Illinois (T-34th), Penn State (T-36th)


3. Ohio State (two first-place votes)

12. Michigan

15. Nebraska

16. Northwestern

T-18. Wisconsin

Receiving votes: Michigan State (26th), Illinois (T-40th)

Michigan moves way up after its Notre Dame win and is now nearly a Top 10 team. Northwestern is also climbing steadily after two solid wins. The coaches are much higher on Nebraska than the media, while Wisconsin is in good shape to move up if it can win at Arizona State. Michigan State is just outside of the Top 25.

The real surprise, though, is that Illinois is receiving votes in both major polls in the second week of the season. Raise your hand if you saw that coming.