Spartans fans celebrate win with signage

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

Michigan State players and coaches kept things pretty civil on the field after beating Michigan last Saturday, but some Spartans fans are savoring their first win in the rivalry since 2001.

Two digital billboards have gone up displaying the final score and messages to commemorate Michigan State's victory and rub it in for Michigan. The billboards, located in East Lansing and Novi, Mich., come courtesy of Bitter Rivals, Inc., and will remain until Sunday.

They display eight different messages, some playing off Mike Hart's "little brother" comment and Mark Dantonio's response following last year's game.

The messages can be seen at the appropriately titled www.michiganisourlittlesister.com. Here are a few.

  • Pride Comes Before The Fall -- Mark Dantonio, Nov. 5, 2007 He Tried To Warn You

  • Holy Toledo! Bye Bye Bowl Streak

  • It's Not Over. And It'll Never Be Over Here. It's Just Starting.

I understand the desire for Spartans fans to celebrate after six long years. They deserve to, and the billboards are funny. But it comes off as a little small time. Something tells me if Michigan wins next year, improving its record to 68-29-5 in the series, we won't see these signs around Ann Arbor.