B1G coaches tourney results: Game 1

Our own March Madness started on Thursday with our Big Ten all-time coaches' tournament. The first game featured a rivalry and one of those No. 5 vs. No. 12 seed games that cause so much drama in the other big dance.

In the end, the favorite won as Michigan's Fielding Yost advanced past Michigan State's Duffy Daugherty. Yost captured 63 percent of your vote, compared to 37 percent for Daugherty.

Yost will go on to face No. 4 seed Joe Paterno in our second round, beginning later this week. Meanwhile, here were some of your responses on this matchup:

Mitch from Massachusetts: "Michigan might not be Michigan without Yost" is an understatement. College football wouldn't be what it is today without Yost. He made the game a thinking man's game and his coaching tree is as impressive as anyone. Never mind his "point a minute" teams. The man is a legend.

Will L. from Warren, Mich.: How is Fielding Yost not the #1 seed? Yost is by far one of the best college football coaches.

Thom W. from Royal Oak, Mich.: To say Michigan wouldn't be Michigan without Yost is correct. Truth is being Michigan means being the best when NOBODY else played. 1901-1923 football was more like a club sport. Compared to back to back national titles in the mid 60's … this might as well have been like winning rugby titles in today's NCAA.

Stephen from East Lansing, Mich: Duffy Daugherty is the better coach than Yost for one reason. The first is his involvement in the civil rights movement and making MSU a place where African-Americans could play ball and have access to higher education. Plus he coached in the Game of the Century in '66.

Neil J. from Big Springs, Neb.: The Fielding Yost/Duffy Daugherty matchup is challenging for we Cornhusker fans. Fielding Yost coached at Nebraska and went 8-3 in 1898. Duffy Daugherty gave us Bob Devaney. Gotta go with the Duff and the historical domino effect for Nebraska. In history, just look at his impressive resume, especially at Michigan, and it's hard to argue that he should lose this "tournament."