Your Big Ten dictator decrees, Part II

Last week, we asked you to play Big Ten dictator for the day and impose three changes to the way the league does business. The response was overwhelming. Clearly, there are some power-hungry folks out there, especially in the Cornhusker State.

Here's another helping of dictator decrees …

Brett from Ohio:

1. Night games in November.

2. Keep 9-game conference schedules but force teams to schedule no less than two BCS-AQ teams in nonconference. With the new TV deal coming out, potentially doubling revenue, punch any AD who brings up the paper-thin excuse about home games.

3. Every time a B10 team played a SEC team, I would hire Chuck Norris to play all the positions for the B10 team.

Caleb from Omaha:

1. This builds off your Penn State-Nebraska permanent crossover, I would not only make them permanent crossovers, I would make them play Thanksgiving weekend. Imagine Nebraska vs. Penn State on Black Friday then Ohio State vs. Michigan Saturday. What a great weekend.

2. Outlaw scheduling FCS opponents. I think this is going to happen anyway with the playoff starting, but just as a security blanket, I would make it a rule.

3. November night games!!!! Like you stated, this looks like it’s going to start happening, but I just wanted to reiterate how much it needs to happen.

Jon from Augusta, Ga.:

1. Make both teams wear "home" uniforms in the championship game, as long as their colors are sufficiently dissimilar. Allow teams to do this in any other game during the year.

2. Change the division names ever-so-slightly to Eastern and Western, the latter as a nod to the original name of the conference.

3. Any talk of expansion begins and ends with the University of Toronto. Which basically means "it ends."

Tom from Omaha:

1. No annual series with ND. For anyone. The time of this quasi-member nonsense is over and so is this conference's "please say we're good enough for you" attitude. Peace be with you, Domers.

2. Rutgers and Maryland's offers have been rescinded. TV markets and recruiting and blah blah blah. I'm the boss and neither school moves the needle.

3. No divisions. Ten games, no protected rivalries, and the top two at the end of the year play for the title. In case of a tie between no-plays, 1st tiebreaker is ROAD wins.

Lee from Indy:

1. MSU moves to the West and gets a locked-in crossover game with Michigan. Like PSU and Neb should (good call by the way).

2. Players get a full cost of living stipend. Once an athlete at UW myself, I know how hard it is to find money for food, laundry or even money to get home at the end of the year. Seriously, that is a concern for more than a few athletes.

3. Beer is king. Let it back in. Please, for the love of God!! None of the mass-produced stuff. I want real beer. Micro Brews are best!! There you have it.

Scott from Des Moines, Iowa:

1. Make Maryland change their ugly uniforms/helmet decals prior to joining the conference. Traditional is a term associated with the Big Ten. Those things are complete eyesores & anything but traditional.

2. Stagger out the bowl games on New Year’s Day. I enjoy the old bowl schedule, 14 hours of football on New Year’s Day. I hate the new schedule of three games scheduled at the same time. No reason we could not be watching four consecutive Big Ten bowl games that day.

3. Add Notre Dame or stop scheduling them completely. I will miss the games against Michigan.

David from Omaha:

1. Championship games are held at the higher-rated team's home field.

2. Restructuring of divisions: Penn State, Maryland, and Rutgers will join Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota as the described once as the "Inner/Outer" divisions. This brings a more balanced approach to the B10. A "cost of living" stipend will be paid to the Outer division schools for travel. I could go on for a long time why the divisions should be changed!

3. Each team will have played everyone in the opposite division at least once in a 3-year period. Seriously, currently you can play a team from out-of-conference more than someone in conference!?

My take: Brett, your third decree is pure gold. I understand the anti-Notre Dame sentiment among Big Ten fans, but it's not the league's position to have too much control over scheduling for individual schools. If the Notre Dame series makes sense for Purdue, the Big Ten shouldn't stand in the way. Lee, I'm a big fan of your suggestions, especially the last one. And Jon, bravo on the expansion ends with the University of Toronto. Now I'll probably get 100 emails on why the U of T belongs in the Big Ten. Argh.