So far, B1G staying out of expansion buzz

The Big Ten isn't throwing its hat back into the expansion ring.

Not yet at least.

As reports flow in about a second wave of realignment, the Big Ten is staying away, at least publicly. Here's what Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany told the Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein on Saturday:

"We're about as comfortable as we can be with where we are. We've said we will continue to monitor the landscape, but we have closed down active expansion. Every period you look at it, but we don’t expect anything the SEC does to affect us."

Two senior athletic administrators from the Big Ten recently told ESPN.com that to assume the Big Ten will expand just because other major conferences might do so would be a mistake. They pointed to the importance of finding schools that truly fit the league, and noted that there could be a reluctance to share the growing revenue pie with many more members.

Although the league must monitor the national landscape, it won't expand just for the sake of expanding. Ask yourself this: How many other Penn States and Nebraskas are out there? I don't see too many.

Things certainly can change, but the Big Ten seems content to watch and wait.