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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Big Ten picks rewind: Week 8

By Adam Rittenberg

Weeks like this allow me to quote the late, great Curt Hennig.

You have just witnessed perfection. Nobody beats Mr. Perfect. ... Nobody!

That's right. After seven long, blemished weeks, a Big Ten blogger had a perfect week of predictions. And not surprisingly, it was yours truly. Although I had my doubts -- late Saturday afternoon, I texted Bennett to express concerns of a possible 3-3 week -- but thanks to late rallies by Nebraska, Michigan and Navy, and a splendid effort from Penn State in Iowa City, I came out unscathed.

Bennett needed to gain ground in Week 8. Instead, he lost it and now sits five games back in the season standings. Unless Ron Washington starts managing my predictions, I think I'll be getting a nice dinner at St. Elmo's in Indy and sticking Bennett with the check -- NFL-rookie style.

In case you missed them, the Week 8 Big Ten predictions.


Adam Rittenberg: 6-0, 54-14 (.794)

Brian Bennett: 4-2, 49-19 (.721)

Rewind time ...

Purdue at Ohio State
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Nebraska at Northwestern
Michigan State at Michigan
Indiana at Navy
Penn State at Iowa