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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
NCAA approves new enforcement process

By Brian Bennett

There's not exactly a new sheriff in town, but the existing sheriff now has some new ways to punish the crooks.

On Tuesday, the NCAA board of directors approved new enforcement rules aimed at streamlining the infractions process, increasing the severity of sanctions for the worst offenses and installing a more uniform set of penalties. Whether any of it will have much of an effect on cleaning up college sports remains to be seen.

Some of the highlights of the new enforcement process are:
So it all sounds pretty good. Still, the factors that often make NCAA enforcement rather toothless -- the lack of subpoeana power and a small staff of investigators -- isn't changing. Potentially harsher penalties could serve as more of a deterrent, but when there's so much money to be made by winning, the temptation will always be there. Head coaches will now have to make sure every 'i' is dotted and every 't' is crossed with their paperwork and compliance to make sure they are not brought down by a rogue assistant. Just one more thing on their plate that I'm sure they're thrilled about doing.

Hopefully this will have some impact on a college sports landscape that has been rocked by too many scandals in the last couple of years. We shall see if that's actually the case.