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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Big Ten picks rewind: Week 11

By Adam Rittenberg

I stayed in Indianapolis this past weekend while covering the Wisconsin-Indiana game, and Friday night, the wife and I dined at St. Elmo Steak House.

After all, I needed to sample the dinner Brian Bennett will be buying me on the eve of the Big Ten championship game. Needless to say, the shrimp cocktail was as advertised -- my sinuses are still recovering -- and the steak just as delicious. We skipped on the pecan pie or chocolate cake, but they looked great. They'll look great on Bennett's tab, too.

What's that? You think I'm too confident about the predictions race? There are two weeks of games left, after all. But Bennett sits a full five games behind me after Week 11. Not even his beloved St. Louis Cardinals can close such a gap. He's cooked. Just like the steak I'll be ordering at St. Elmo.

We both missed on Purdue in Week 11, but I had the edge on the Nebraska-Penn State game (thanks, replay crew). Here's a look back at the Week 11 predictions.


Adam Rittenberg: 4-1, 65-19 (.773)

Brian Bennett: 3-2, 60-24 (.714)

Rewind time ...

Wisconsin at Indiana
Northwestern at Michigan
Purdue at Iowa
Penn State at Nebraska
Minnesota at Illinois