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Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Big Ten chat wrap: Nov. 28

By Adam Rittenberg

The Big Ten championship week chat took place earlier today. Good times.

Did you miss it? Not to worry. Just read the transcript.

Some highlights:
Jonathan from Greenville, N.C.: Any updates on the Purdue Coaching search? Heard Hazell is out now and that Butch Jones is the clear front runner...

Adam Rittenberg: There's definitely interest in Jones, Jonathan, and he'd be a great hire for Purdue. Brian and I both think Jones can hold out for a better job, but with the recent realignment news, Cincinnati is in a bad spot. Maybe he'll jump now and take a Big Ten job. Would be a coup for Purdue.

Adam from Florida: Which teams at the top of your head return the most talent and players next year?

Adam Rittenberg: Most of the Legends division teams should be just as good or better in 2013. Northwestern brings back almost everyone -- Wildcats should be very good. Nebraska brings back most of its key offensive players but loses some key pieces on D. Michigan State also brings back most of its key pieces. Ohio State returns most of its offense but could have a lot to replace on D. Michigan is still in the depth-building stage on both sides.

Chris from Denver: I'm a Pac-12 guy, so sorry to invade your chat. But as it's looking like Nebraska will represent the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl, can you compare Martinez to the mobile QBs in the Pac-12 (Marcus Mariota at Oregon, Brett Hundley at UCLA, and even Keith Price at U-Dub)? It seems like Martinez is more of a run-first guy, and both Stanford and UCLA have stout run defenses (and Stanford corralled both Mariota and Hundley), so what does Martinez bring to the table that Stanford hasn't seen already?

Adam Rittenberg: Welcome, Chris! I'm sure we'll dive into this more if Nebraska wins on Saturday. Martinez definitely is a gifted runner, but he's also much better as a passer this year than in 2011. He's much more accurate and looks more comfortable in the pocket. He's probably most similar to Hundley, although I haven't seen a ton of UCLA this year. I can tell you he plays behind a much better offensive line than Keith Price, who was beaten up more than any QB in the country this season.

Alvin from Michigan: Just wondering what SEC team you think would be the best match-up for Michigan in their bowl game? I realize they probably won't be able to compete with the higher level SEC teams, but what team would they have the best shot at beating(of the good ones, not talking about the Kentuckys or Auburns of the SEC)

Adam Rittenberg: Alvin, I think Michigan can hang with South Carolina, especially if the Wolverines' defense steps up. LSU is another team that lacks a really dynamic offense. Michigan vs. The Hat would be a lot of fun.

Vinnie from the ATL: Does the addition of Louisville into the ACC at all threaten Delany by the ACC coming ever closer to Big country? You mentioned Penn St was on an island and needed protection with the new ACC schools. Does Louisville add to this?

Adam Rittenberg: Vinnie, if you're asking whether the Big Ten should be concerned about losing a member or its market share to the ACC, I'd say no. But the addition of Louisville could solidify the ACC and make it harder for the Big Ten to add ACC teams like North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia Tech.

As always, thanks for your questions and your participation. If your question wasn't answered, my apologies, but try again next week. Same time, same place.