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Monday, October 21, 2013
How we voted in's Top 25

By Brian Bennett

Neither Adam nor I have a vote in the Associated Press, USA Today coaches' or Harris polls, and the only formulas either of us knows anything about involves Adam's new son. But we do have a say in the weekly national power rankings, and here's what we said this week:

Adam's Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Missouri
6. Stanford
7. Miami
8. Baylor
9. Texas Tech
10. Auburn
11. Clemson
12. Oklahoma
13. UCLA
14. Wisconsin
15. Oklahoma State
16. LSU
17. Texas A&M
18. South Carolina
19. Fresno State
20. Georgia
21. UCF
22. Louisville
23. Nebraska
24. Northern Illinois
25. Notre Dame

Brian's Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Baylor
6. Miami
7. Missouri
8. Stanford
10. Clemson
11. LSU
12. Auburn
13. Texas A&M
14. Oklahoma
15. Texas Tech
16. Wisconsin
17. Virginia Tech
18. Fresno State
19. South Carolina
20. UCF
21. Louisville
22. Michigan State
23. Northern Illinois
24. Arizona State
25. Nebraska

First off, this might have been the toughest week to fill out a ballot after all the chaos of Week 8. That still doesn't excuse the terrible job the actual pollsters did by ranking Louisville ahead of UCF even though UCF beat Louisville on the road and has played a much better schedule, or the lack of respect given to Wisconsin. Look at where we've got the Badgers this week compared to the national polls. ... I said I wasn't going to rank Nebraska until the Huskers beat someone of note. Well, after this past week, there weren't a lot of other candidates for the Top 25, and since I'm ranking Michigan State, I have to take into account the comparative scores of the two vs. Purdue. Welcome back, Big Red. ... Neither of us ranks Michigan, though the actual polls do. The Wolverines still look way too shaky for us, but they'll get to prove themselves very soon. ... One team Adam and I differ on greatly is LSU. I probably have the Tigers way too high, but they did beat Auburn, which Adam has six spots ahead of LSU. ... I've also got Baylor higher than most. That offense is insane. ... Adam kept Georgia in the poll at No. 25. The Bulldogs have a couple of really good wins, but in my view, they are not playing like a Top 25 team right now thanks in large part to some devastating injuries.

What does your Top 25 look like this week?