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Thursday, January 2, 2014
Twitter: Players, recruits react to O'Brien

By Josh Moyer

Here's a compilation of Twitter reaction from current players, former players and recruits regarding Bill O'Brien's decision to coach the Houston Texans:

I love my 2014 class of PSU ....we have that brothers connection and we didn't even enroll to PSU yet

— Marcus Allen (@Chico_Ehhh) January 2, 2014

If it wasn't for Coach OB I probably wouldn't be playing football anymore, I wish him the best in the NFL.

— Devin Pryor #16 (@D_Pryor16) January 1, 2014

I just can't wait to figure out who my head coach is going to be next year #WeAre #WeAreAndAlwaysWillBe

— Charlie Shuman (@BigCShu71) January 1, 2014

We all we got! No reason to panic or jump ship! Doesn't matter the system nor the coach...players win games period

— Bill Belton (@W3BII) January 1, 2014

No matter what happens football games will be played and won by the Nittany Lions love all my brothers we will stick together #WeAre

— Hunter Crafford (@Craf_FordTough) January 1, 2014

Never worry about the things you can't control

— Malik Golden (@_goldenboy6) January 1, 2014

A man's gotta do what a man has GOT TO DO. It's life baby !

— Stephen Obeng-Agy... (@BigBENGTheory7) January 1, 2014

New Year, New Head Coach I suppose

— DaeSean Hamilton (@SkeeterMills__) January 1, 2014

Recruiting Class of 2014 #pennstate #weare I'm going stick by penn state side ! Regardless the new head coach I will be attending penn state

— MARK ALLEN (@theALLENshow) January 1, 2014

Bout to be the best year for me yet and bout to be the best year for Penn State #WeAre

— carter Henderson (@hendydo_42) January 1, 2014

I hope I have another chance to play under Coach O'B. I love the guy, I appreciate everything he's done for me. I couldn't be more thankful.

— Jesse James (@JJames18_) January 1, 2014

Good luck to Coach O'Brien and his family. Made a tremendous impact on my life and many others during his time at Penn State.

— Ty Howle (@THowle60) January 1, 2014

Best of luck to the O'Brien family and to the lucky man that gets to coach this prestige organization... I can't wait to meet you

— Troy Stivason (@teejaystives) January 1, 2014

To all of the Penn State family: Penn State is and will always be about more than any one man. WE ARE everything we have always been

— Derek Dowrey (@doubleDowrey) January 1, 2014

Coach O'Brien was a great mentor, coach and father figure but every coach has the aspirations to coach in the NFL. glad coach can chase his.

— Brian Gaia (@that_gaia) January 1, 2014

Gotta keep on movin forward people that's all we can do #yafeelme

— Austin Johnson (@AJohn15) January 1, 2014

One thing OB taught me is that this is a business, and u should do what's best for you.Texans are getting a good coach, I wish him the best

— Deion Barnes (@DBarnes_18) January 1, 2014

Its weird that I am one of the few penn state football players that will have 4 head coaches #mindblown #ohwell it's the business #NFL

— Matt Zanellato (@mzanellato) January 1, 2014

Coach O'brien is a great coach and great person! Proud to have called him my coach. It was his dream to coach in the NFL, best of luck. #PSU

— Mike Hull (@m_hull4943) January 1, 2014

I'll love Coach Obrien forever. He will always be apart of Penn State. One of the greatest men I've ever known. #PennStateForever

— Miles Dieffenbach (@Curiousjorge65) January 1, 2014

Fight on. We still are and forever will be.

— Garrett Sickels (@Sickels_90) January 1, 2014

Time to move on Penn State! We will find the right man for the job. BOB did plenty for us. Time for a true Blue and White bleeder! #WeAre

— OJ McDuffie (@ojmcduffie81) January 1, 2014