Wrapping up our 2012 B1G fantasy league

Like Ohio State, I was left to wonder what might have been after a big final-week performance.

My Big Ten fantasy team, Non-Gingervitis, crushed Adam's Trombone Shorties 130-81 in the final week of our season. Le'Veon Bell's monster game against Minnesota powered my team with 32 fantasy points, and I also got solid contributions from Denard Robinson (18), Montee Ball (17), Devin Gardner (16) and Braxton Miller (16).

After getting several career performances last week, the Shorties came back to earth this week. The windy conditions in Iowa City held down Taylor Martinez and Kenny Bell, who combined for only six total points. Matt McGloin and Allen Robinson (15 combined points) also looked human. Adam's big contributors were Carlos Hyde (20), Venric Mark (18) and the Michigan State defense (19). But this matchup wasn't close.

If only I could have had this kind of showing two weeks ago, I might have had a chance to win our league. Instead, the Shorties finished with the 7-6 advantage. Non-Gingervitis will take some comfort in knowing it scored more total points this season than the Shorties (1,570 to 1,468). But we didn't win when it mattered most.

So Adam takes the crown this year. We'll look forward to next season, when I'll get the first pick in our draft.