Former Buckeye spells O-H-I-O with Oregon 'O'

LeCharles Bentley couldn't resist.

The former Pro Bowl center-turned offensive line training expert was at Oregon's football complex Sunday for a Nike Opening Regional camp. Bentley works with offensive linemen from all schools and all locations these days, but he'll always be a Buckeye and doesn't mask his loyalty to Ohio State, where he earned All-America honors and won the Rimington Trophy in 2001.

Oregon's Autzen Stadium is surrounded by giant "O" logos, so Bentley sensed an opportunity for some friendly trolling. He found two campers standing near the entrance to the stadium and had them stand beside him in ... formation.

This was the result.

As if 42-20 wasn't bad enough for the Ducks.

Bentley's tweet mentions Oregon's team motto, "Win the day," along with #GoBucks.

He told ESPN.com in a text message that he didn't know the campers who posed with him and that they might not have been familiar with the O-H-I-O display, which takes place worldwide.

"Just messing around, nothing malicious," Bentley said. "It was in fun. It wasn't intended to be disrespectful. Life's too short for the 'get off my lawn' crowd."

As far as friendly trolling goes, Bentley earns high marks. There's no vandalism or theft, as we've seen too often between college rivals, and he incorporated existing objects into his display. Well done.