Big Ten: Rasheed Marshall

Posted by's Adam Rittenberg

It seems more and more likely that Michigan will open the season with some type of quarterback rotation. I'm a little surprised, as it appeared as though Steven Threet would distance himself in the competition after the spring. But Nick Sheridan is keeping pace in camp.

Coach Rich Rodriguez could have a clear-cut starter in his mind and just won't say, but he's also seems ready to forge ahead with both Threet and Sheridan.

"If I have two quarterbacks who are good enough to win with, I'll go with two," he said Sunday at Michigan's media day. "The last two places I've been, both West Virginia and Clemson, particularly early in the first year, we've had multiple quarterbacks. And sometimes even after the first year. Our goal is to try and get them both ready. And right now they've gotten better."

Let's take a look at Rodriguez's previous experience using two quarterbacks.

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