Taking suggestions for Cy-Hawk Trophy

As much as I've enjoyed reading unprintable message board captions for the new Cy-Hawk Trophy, it's pretty clear this thing, whatever it is, simply has to go.

In a league where teams play for a big axe, a dude with an axe and cool old jugs and buckets, the redesigned Cy-Hawk simply isn't going to cut it. I didn't think there could be anything that made the Land Grant Trophy look cool.

Other than colleague Ivan Maisel, who should know a good rivalry trophy when he sees one, the Cy-Hawk thing has been almost universally ripped.

"I think they can do better," Gov. Terry Branstad chuckled Monday when asked about the trophy. "I'm sure they're going to take another look at that." ...

Former coach and Hawkeye legend Hayden Fry said the trophy is "nice looking," but it doesn't relate to football.

"The farmer, family and corn is all wonderful, but I don't really get the relationship to a football game," he told The Des Moines Register.

You're not alone, Hayden.

Officials from both Iowa and Iowa State and the Iowa Corn Growers Association are expected to meet with reporters today to discuss the trophy. Will they stand their ground? Will they recognize their mistake? Public sentiment has been pretty clear.

Another concern is the ongoing design of a trophy for the Heroes Game, which will pit Iowa and Nebraska. The first matchup takes place Nov. 25 in Lincoln, and the trophy might not be unveiled until game week. After the Cy-Hawk fiasco, what can we expect for the Heroes trophy?

I'm no artist, but I know many of you have ideas about a trophy Iowa and Iowa State players would be proud to hoist after winning their annual game.

Let's hear those suggestions -- Iowa State fans, you can hop in, too -- and I'll print some of the best ones soon.