Julien: Seidenberg 'ahead of the curve'

BOSTON -- It’s been two weeks since the Bruins’ Dennis Seidenberg began skating on his own, and while general manager Peter Chiarelli recently said the team is not planning on the veteran defenseman’s return this season, it’s impressive Seidenberg is even on the ice only three months and two weeks removed from knee surgery.

Seidenberg tore both his ACL and MCL in late December and had surgery on Jan. 7. It’s been 15 weeks since he began his rehab and he’s progressed well in a short amount of time given the severity of his injury.

“According to our trainers and doctors, they thought he’d be going through that process and at one point he’d be skating before next season,” explained Bruins coach Claude Julien. “So, he’s on track right now, probably even a little ahead of the curve because of his conditioning and how strong he was even before that injury. He’s a well-trained individual, and those guys have a tendency -- athletes have a tendency -- to recover a little quicker than the normal person. He’s on that track now.”

Ever since Seidenberg began skating, the talk around the rink has been whether he would be able to return to game action if the team goes on a deep Stanley Cup playoff run. Chiarelli, Julien and Seidenberg aren’t ready to address such a scenario.

“Because nobody’s told me anything that would get me excited, that’s why,” Julien said.

At the Bruins' optional practice Monday morning at TD Garden, Seidenberg and fellow injured defenseman Adam McQuaid [quad] skated with a few of their teammates for the first time in a while.

“I went to our trainers and asked if it was OK for him and McQuaid to skate with the rest of our team because there’s no contact, no drills. It’s the same drills they did when they went on the ice earlier. A lot of it is for encouragement reason. Just those two on the ice together for a while gets tough, but being out there with more players and doing a little more, it’s exciting for them. I thought mentally, it would be a good opportunity to meet with the rest of the guys because of the type of practice we were having.”