McGrattan on Rypien suspension

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- As the Bruins met with the media Friday, news broke that Canucks forward Rick Rypien would be suspended six games for making physical contact with a spectator during his team's 6-2 loss at Minnesota Tuesday night. Rypien had just been in a scuffle with some Wild players and received a 10 minute misconduct at 13:38 of the second period, when he headed down the runway to the dressing room and suddenly lunged up and grabbed a taunting Wild fan.

On Friday, Bruins enforcer Brian McGrattan was asked what he thought of the suspension and bizarre incident and didn't seem to think the NHL justice system got it right this time. McGrattan wonders what may have happened if he or some other NHL heavyweights had done such a thing.

"I don't know, not really," he said when asked if Rypien's suspension was fair. "You look at a guy, that if I did that, or [Derek] Boogaard or [Colton] Orr or 'Thorty' [Shawn Thornton] did that, would it be six games or would it be 15? So I don't know, I think he deserves more. Just for the fact that if a legit tough guy in the league or someone who really plays that big enforcer role did that, I think it would be more."

McGrattan believes that Rypien crossed a line no NHL player should cross and that fans should be able to yell and say whatever they want to players.

"You just don't do that," McGrattan said of Rypien's actions. "There's just that line between the fans and players that we can't cross. You can't grab fans. It doesn't matter what they say, if they're paying $300 for a ticket, they can say whatever they want."