Boychuk cheers Red Sox moves

BOSTON -- Johnny Boychuk may have grown up in Edmonton, Alberta, but, believe it or not, his love and passion for the Red Sox didn’t come from playing for the Bruins. Boychuk’s brother was a die-hard Yankees fan, so Boychuk -- in an effort to out-do his brother -- chose their archrival as his team. After a week that saw his favorite baseball team sign first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and outfielder Carl Crawford to make a huge splash in the free agent market, Boychuk was pumped.

“It’s awesome!” Boychuk said Friday of the Red Sox signing Gonzalez and Crawford. “Oh my God! It’s great!”

Boychuk said he's looking forward to the dynamic elements both players will bring to the Red Sox lineup.

“Oh Crawford’s going to be unbelievable! He’s fast and will probably steal at least 45 bases," he said.

Boychuk told the media that he is actually a pretty hardcore fantasy baseball player but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to get his teammates involved, with the exception of Michael Ryder.

“I tried to get a couple guys last year but they’re all part of their own leagues,” Boychuk said. “I got ‘Rydes’ [Ryder] in and he’s got a spot. We’ve got time for it in the summer.”

Ryder actually grew up as a Blue Jays fan and still longs for the glory days of the mid-'90s.

“Joe Carter baby, the Jays!” Ryder said when asked about his love for baseball and the team he cheers for. “That’s one of my favorite memories when he hit the home run to win the (1993) World Series!”

His current linemate Marc Savard was also a Jays fan growing up in Ontario but is frustrated with the current Jays teams.

“They always start off great and then fade,” Savard said. “Every year it’s the same thing. I wish they’d spend money like the Red Sox.”