Paille surprised by length of suspension

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Following practice Friday, Bruins forward Daniel Paille reacted to his four-game suspension for his blindside hit to Dallas Stars forward Raymond Sawada, saying he was a “bit shocked” by the length.

“Well obviously with rule 48 right now and the sensitivity that it’s had around the league, I know that it’s something that I know someone has to be made an example of, but it happened to be me in this situation right now," said Paille. “Although I don’t agree with the amount of games, I accept it and I’m just going to focus on being ready on when to come back. I was expecting a suspension for sure but possibly two games. But I was a bit shocked at the amount but I’ll learn to accept it right now and I hope that Ray [Sawada] is alright."

Bruins general manager also said that he thought the number of games was “stiff.”

“I thought that, obviously, we’re right in the forefront of this concussion-headshot thing and we’re a big proponent of what the league is trying to do, and so I support that and I think we as an organization have contributed a lot to that,” Chiarelli said. “I though it [the sentence] was a little stiff."

“Whether or not the hit was in that danger zone -- that lateral, blind spot -- it probably was but I really felt that he tried to circle back and get square to the play and get in front of him. So I thought it was a little stiff, I thought maybe one or two games.”