Bruins not worried about 2-0 hole

MONTREAL -- As the core of this Bruins team has learned, both from being up two games (and three) and down two games, the series isn’t over until a team gets that fourth win. Whether you’re trailing by two games or leading by two, you can’t focus on the score of the series but rather the game at hand. That’s why the Bruins still have hope they can climb back into this series.

“It’s about taking it a game at a time, it’s not over until you win the last game,” forward Patrice Bergeron said. “We’re aware of that. We’ve been on the other side so we just gotta make sure we take it a game at a time and we’re still confident. I think we’re all aware that we didn’t play our best games and like I said it’s a long series and we have to think about tonight’s game right now.”

Unfortunately for the Bruins, the Canadiens also know how quickly two-game series leads can evaporate. They knocked off the Capitals in Round 1 of last year’s playoffs after trailing 3-1 in the series. They know the series isn’t over by any means and a loss tonight could shift momentum again.

“I don’t know if it’s so much pressure but there’s no doubt about the importance of this game tonight,” forward Mike Cammalleri said. “It’s almost all for naught if you don’t keep going and it seems like you might look back at all you accomplished with winning a couple games but it can change real quick, so tonight’s importance isn’t underestimated. It is what it is. You try and build confidence and momentum off it and come out and play better hockey and make it even harder on the other team and that’s our goal. And there’s another way it can go to.”

For Habs defenseman Hal Gill it’s about taking the same mindset that Bergeron and the Bruins are taking and not getting caught up in having a series lead.

“I think you take each game as it comes and the Bruins are a good team and if you’re not playing sharp or with that urgency they’ll make you pay,” Gill said. “It’s about keeping that mindset, playing the game you played to get here and just focusing on this one game, not the series score.”