Vigneault: Thomas was 'real tough to beat'

Vancouver Canucks coach Alain Vigneault directed much of his praise for the Bruins towards netminder Tim Thomas while assessing how Boston won Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday night.

"Our players gave it their best shot," said Vigneault. "At the end of the day, you've got to give credit to where credit is due. Boston played a real strong game. They have great goaltending and they were able to score a couple of tough goals around our net and they deserved to win."

Asked why the Canucks struggled so mightily to score in this series, Vigneault said the answer was pretty obvious.

"Well, again, I think you've got to give credit where credit is due," said Vigneault. "Their goaltender was real tough to beat. The way they played in front of him was real tough to beat. We had some grade "A" chances and we weren't able to score."

Vigneault refused to lean on injuries when asked which players were battling ailments during the series noting, "We're not going to use injuries as a reason for not getting it done."