Ference talks 'Stanley Cup hangover'

BOSTON -- The Bruins held their annual media day on Tuesday at TD Garden and one question that continued to come was how do they avoid the infamous “Stanley Cup hangover." While many players, coaches and front office employees were using the “turn the page” mantra, defenseman Andrew Ference wasn’t so sure that would be completely necessary for him and his teammates to have another successful season. As far as he sees it, there is no need to let the raising of the Stanley Cup banner Thursday night be an exclamation point and final chapter to what the team went through last season.

“No, not really,” Ference said, when asked if the banner being raised would be the final exclamation point on last season. “You don’t want to pretend last year didn’t happen because it happened. We learned a lot about ourselves and as a team. Lessons come from winning and losing. Like look at the Philly series where we weren’t afraid to talk about it. It sucked when we lost the year before but we didn’t pretend it didn’t happen. We learned a lot from it and it’s a similar thing to this where we learned a lot about ourselves. We don’t dwell on it and talk about it all the time but we definitely make the most positives out of it and how do you make yourself better from that situation. So as different as those two things are, I think you treat them in a similar way.”

If the Bruins do struggle out of the gate and the “Stanley Cup hangover” hits, Ference thinks the Bruins need to be open about it and address the issue, not shy away from it.

“Like I’ve said before, the worst thing you can do is not talk about things and not put things out there,” Ference said. “You know it is a real thing for some teams and I think issues like that are only worse if you try to pretend that they’re not a possibility. There’s obviously things that the coaches do even during camp to make sure that there’s the right amount of backing off, the right amount of pressure, the right amount of fun and all those things, there’s just a balance.

“I’m sure as we go through the year there will be winning streaks and losing streaks that will have to be dealt with. But we have a very open team where the management and the coaches feel very comfortable talking to the players. So when things do come up and there’s struggles through the year, there’s solutions. We’re always looking for solutions and not pretending problems don’t exist. So if it happens, it happens and it will be talked about and dealt with and it’s a good thing.”