Bruins: Bill Belichick

Julien plans to reach out to Belichick

January, 31, 2012
BOSTON -- During the Stanley Cup playoffs last spring, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick showed his support for the Boston Bruins and attended a few games at TD Garden.

Belichick wasn’t shy when he was shown on the video board as he stood up and waved a rally towel frantically to get the fans going. The place erupted the few times he did it. Bruins coach Claude Julien appreciated the gesture and he plans on returning the favor in his own way on Tuesday.

Since today is the Super Bowl’s Media Day, Julien said he would send Belichick either a text message or leave him a voicemail today, wishing the Patriots good luck.

“I’m certainly not going to chat with him because I know what the coach is going through at this time,” Julien said. “But, certainly, that’s going to happen. I want him to know he has my support. I’m looking forward to the game.”

The Bruins are playing at 12:30 on Sunday in Washington against the Capitals, so the early puck drop will give Julien and his players time to enjoy the Super Bowl.

“It would have been disappointing had we had a mid-afternoon game because we would have missed some of it,” Julien said. “It’s going to be exciting.”

Julien is picking the Patriots to win, 31-28.

“I’m taking the Patriots,” Julien said. “I don’t care what anybody says. I’m cheering for them and I think it’s going to be a tight game.

“A lot of it depends whether [Rob] Gronkowski plays, to me, that’s a big factor,” added Julien.

Julien, of course, joined the fraternity of local coaches who have won championships in Boston after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last spring. In fact, he’s been an avid Red Sox fan for the majority of his adult life, and it’s also no secret he roots for the Patriots, too.

A native of Ontario, Julien became a Red Sox fan when he was coaching junior hockey for the Hull Olympiques of the QMJHL during the 1996-97 season. At the time, Pedro Martinez was pitching for the Montreal Expos, and the owner of the team, Claude Brochu, was also part owner of the Hull junior hockey team. Martinez would attend Hull games when Julien was the coach.

“Something about the Red Sox attracted me, so he probably helped me become a Red Sox fan,” explained Julien. “Since then I’ve stuck with the Red Sox. He’s moved on, but I stuck with the Red Sox.

“And the Patriots, for some reason, there’s something about them that I liked. As a younger person, I went from the 49ers, to Pittsburgh and now the Patriots. I’ve been a Patriots fan, for easily, a dozen years.”

The Bruins created a good luck video with management, coaches and players all wishing the Patriots good luck in the Super Bowl.

Belichick shows his support for Bruins

May, 24, 2011
TAMPA -- New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has attended the Boston Bruins’ last two home games at the Garden.

Unlike when he’s coaching during the season, Belichick was all smiles when he was shown on the video board. He waved to the fans numerous times and even stood up at one point, waving a black and gold towel, which started a standing ovation.

Bruins coach Claude Julien was watching the video board during a TV timeout in Game 5 when Belichick was getting the fans in the building going. Julien said on Tuesday that he has not spoken with Belichick but he appreciates the support he’s giving the Bruins during their run toward a possible Stanley Cup.

The two coaches have not talked recently, but Belichick’s presence is a boost to the Bruins and Julien.

“What he’s done [by attending games] is reach out to us by doing what he’s done. I think coaches understand, and I would be the same way, I would never dare call him or any of those guys when they are in the playoffs, but I would certainly be there to show my support, which I did with the Patriots when it was time,” Julien said.

“I’ve done it for the Red Sox, been there quite a few times. And I’m a big fan of those Boston teams, Celtics included, and I think it’s about showing support. You don’t need necessarily to talk unless somebody still needs to talk to you, and I’m sure if I reached out to him, he’d be more than willing to talk to me.”

Belichick has won. The Celtics’ Doc Rivers has won. The Red Sox’s Terry Francona has won. Julien hopes to add his name to that list of coaches/managers to win a championship in Boston.
BOSTON -- It’s standard practice among the professional coaches in Boston to stay in contact once in a while via text, e-mail or the occasional phone call.

After all the Bruins' Claude Julien, Celtics' Doc Rivers, Patriots' Bill Belichick and Red Sox manager Terry Francona are all part of an historic fraternity of coaches and managers in this town. Rivers and Francona are close, and it’s not unusual to find Belichick at a Red Sox or Celtics game.

Those three have won championships, and now Julien wants in, too.

“It’s pretty obvious, I think -- sometimes you want to fit in and that would certainly help fit in, there is no doubt,” Julien said with a smile Wednesday morning at TD Garden.

Trainer Scott Waugh splits his time between the Red Sox and Bruins and is usually the messenger between Francona and Julien. With the Bruins on the eve of the Eastern Conference finals, Julien has not heard from the other "Big Three."

“Not yet and, I don’t think, they are certainly not ignoring us; I think everyone has their own things to do right now and as you can see, the Red Sox are pretty busy,” Julien said. “What I do get with our trainers are messages back and forth, but I haven’t heard personally from Tito. But certainly through Scotty Waugh, our trainer, we have certainly exchanged things back and forth, messages.”

The Celtics are also in the midst of their playoff series against the Miami Heat.

“Doc right now is in the middle of a pretty good fight right now, " Julien said. "I think the one thing we do know in the past and right now, they certainly have our support, and my support is with the Celtics and Doc’s support is with us.

“I’ve run into him in the hallway a few times and certainly we are all in this together. I think the success of New England is not just about one team, but about all of those teams. And I think we have a pretty good group here that seems to be on board with each other and wish each other nothing but good luck.”