Report: Larry Bird's short, eventful baseball career


By Dana Hunsinger Benbow of The Indianapolis Star:

Larry Bird redeemed himself in his second at bat, drilling a single up the middle to drive in two runs.

"That gave us a 3-1 lead," Warn said. "Did he win that game for us? I wouldn't tell him that. But his runs proved to be the winning runs because they didn't score any more."

That day of baseball could have ended just like that. Bird 1-for-2 with two RBIs. ISU winning both games of the doubleheader. But it didn't.

While later playing first base, Bird made a move that silenced the monstrous crowd. A play, that for a few moments, some thought had ended Bird's upcoming NBA career.

"Larry collided with the catcher and they both went down and they just laid there not moving," Warn said. "I thought, 'Oh my God, what have I done?' "

... Bird was once asked in college if he hadn't played basketball what other sport would he play. The answer, without hesitation, was baseball.

... "All the time I'd been playing basketball, I've never been knocked out," Bird once said. "One baseball game and I get it. I was really hurt. So, end of career — one for two, .500 average, two RBI. I figured I couldn't do much better than that."