New Celtics Daniels, Williams are family men

Being a new face on a team is never easy. The Boston Celtics have several new players this season, including guard Marquis Daniels and center/forward Shelden Williams. We'll see in the coming months what they offer on the court, but what are they like off it? ESPNBoston.com finds out.

What question do reporters ask you the most?

Williams: "I get asked about my wife [WNBA superstar Candace Parker] the most. The questions vary, but I always pretty much answer them."

Daniels: "How do I like playing here in Boston and what position do you like playing on the floor. I always say, 'I just like being on the court.'"

Besides basketball, what's something you are really good at?

Williams: "Playing video games and fishing."

Daniels: "Rapping."

What's impressed you most about Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce?

Williams: "The intensity they bring to the game and in practice every day."

Daniels: "How hard they take the game. Coming to practice & I mean, they take the games, going into games, serious, whether it's practice or just preparation."

Which Celtic has been the most helpful to you?

Williams: "They've all been pretty helpful in their own way. It's a great group of guys."

Daniels: "I have to say all of them. Everybody has been real great helping me with everything. It's been real. I'm like a sponge. I take advice from everybody whether it's a rookie or veteran guy. It doesn't matter."

Favorite NBA teammate you've ever had?

Williams: "Still too early to tell."

Daniels: "Darrell Armstrong. You have to be around him to see it."

Best day of your life on the court?

Williams: "Going to the Final 4 [with Duke]."

Daniels: "Being able to play, any day."

Best day of your life off the court?

Williams: "Between when I got married and when my daughter was born."

Daniels: "Same answer as the last one. Just waking up. Being alive. Just being here."

Song on iPod that gets you pumped up?

Williams: "Anything by Jay-Z or Tupac."

Daniels: "Anything by Gucci Mane or Lil Wayne."

BlackBerry or iPhone?

Williams: "Neither."

Daniels: "Both."

Mac or PC?

Williams: "PC."

Daniels: "Mac."

What is your dream car?

"My Escalade."

Daniels: "I don't have one."

How many pets do you have?

Williams: "I have three dogs, named Fendi, Prada and Neno."

Daniels: "I don't have any. I don't like animals. I used to have a dog, but I'm cool on those."

Movie you can watch over and over?

Williams: "Any comedy."

Daniels: "'Life' with Eddie Murphy and Martin [Lawrence]."

Who is your favorite comedian?

Williams: "Martin Lawrence."

Daniels: "Martin [Lawrence]. I just think he's funny."

What's your guilty-pleasure TV show?

Williams: "Family Guy."

Daniels: "Can I say CNN Headline News?"

What makes you smile?

Williams: "My family."

Daniels: "Life. My kids."

What's something we don't know about you?

Williams: "Everything has already been said about me. I've been asked everything about my marriage and my wife."

Daniels: "I know a lot about the Bible and I joke a lot."

Louise K. Cornetta is an occasional contributor to ESPNBoston.com.