Garnett has fun in laugher

BOSTON -- A couple of more performances like this, and Kevin Garnett might finally stop hearing questions about his surgically repaired knee.

Garnett scored a game-high 18 points to pace seven Celtics in double figures as Boston breezed past the Jazz 105-86 on Wednesday night at the TD Garden. Garnett finished 7-of-10 from the field, showcasing his top-of-the-key jumper in one of his finest and most fluid outings of the season.

But the defining moment for Garnett came when Rajon Rondo lobbed a third-quarter alley-oop that Garnett viciously threw down over Utah's Paul Millsap and Kyrylo Fesenko.

Although he crashed to the floor, KG sprang to his feet and raised his hands in the air as he raced back down the court while the Garden shook for one of the few times in Boston's lopsided victory.

"You know what, the alley-oops go so fast, it's hard to understand," Garnett said. "I thought it was a foul, but OK, whatever. It feels good to be healthy. It feels good to run. It feels good to sprint.

"I felt like a little kid in a cornfield. All you city folks don't know what it's like to be in a cornfield. So that's what that was like, though."

Sitting beside him at their usual dual postgame news conference, Celtics captain Paul Pierce could hardly contain his laughter as Garnett talked about cornfields.

"I know you know about it," Garnett told Pierce. "I can take you, show you. Show you what a cornfield feels like, what it looks like, all that … Inglewood."

Garnett was rolling at this point.

"Did y'all check out that new Gino footage?" he asked, referring to new "American Bandstand" clips of "Gino," who has become a cult hero for his dance videos shown on the video screen during Celtics victories. In recent years, the Celtics had just one clip of their favorite dancer, but new scenes have been spliced in, much to Garnett's delight.

After the video aired, the screen showed Garnett's reaction, including his mimicking Gino's signature dance move.

Garnett also enjoyed watching 8-year-old Daylon Trotman, a familiar fan who often is shown on the video screen dancing during timeouts. Trotman even upstaged a particularly excellent Gino impersonator in the crowd.

"That little kid's got it crackin'," Garnett said. "Lookalike Gino's not on the level right now. The lookalike Gino is just mimicking Gino. That little kid is giving you new things, stuff you haven't seen yet, stuff he's been making up. That little kid's got it crackin'."