Publisher wanted for Pierce novel, "Kevin and 'Sheed"

WALTHAM, Mass. -- Amidst the fallout from Rasheed Wallace's comments Friday night calling Toronto's Hedo Turkoglu "a damn flopper" and saying the NBA had been "watered down," Paul Pierce was asked if he'd ever had a teammate that's as colorful as Wallace.

"He's an extension of Kevin [Garnett]," Pierce said Saturday following the Celtics' practice at HealthPoint. "Between the two, you hear a lot of stories. It's fun. I could write a 400-page book right now."

Pressed on what he might title that book, Pierce said he'd keep it simple and go with "Kevin and 'Sheed."

As for cover art?

"I'd have the two face-to-face, smiling," joked Pierce.

As angry as NBA officials seem to find Wallace, the 15th-year veteran has certainly kept things light off the court. From jokingly berating coach Doc Rivers about creating a fire hazard in the hallway outside the Celtics' locker room during his pregame meetings with the media, to ribbing Shelden Williams when his Duke Blue Devils are playing a big game, Wallace keeps everyone smiling.

But we'll have to wait until Pierce pens his novel to find out the best behind-the-scenes stories of all.