Marquis gives a thumbs up after doctor visit

BOSTON -- Celtics guard Marquis Daniels had his surgically repaired left thumb examined by doctors Friday. In addition to having about 10 stitches removed, he was fitted for a cast smaller than the heavy padded one he displayed at Thursday's practice.

Daniels said he'll go back to the doctors on Jan. 8 and hopes to have a pin removed and be fitted for an even smaller cast. He expressed hope he'd be back on a basketball court before the All-Star break.

But Daniels also stressed that no exact timetable has been set. Celtics coach Doc Rivers seemed to indicate they don't expect him back on the practice court until after the All-Star break.

"That's what it sounds like, probably when we get back from wherever everyone goes," said Rivers. "He should be ready. I don't know if that means play yet... we'll find that out."

Daniels does plan to travel with the team on its upcoming road trip, including the Christmas visit to his hometown Orlando.

His motivation for continuing out West when the Celtics visit the Clippers, Warriors, and Suns? The warm weather.

"It's quarterback numbers outside -- 8, 16, 14 [degrees]" joked Daniels, noting the frigid temperatures in the Boston area lately. "I went outside the other night and forgot what I wanted. I just went back in. It's freezing out there."

Daniels does see a value in being with the team besides the additional sunshine.

"Just to stay in the loop of things," said Daniels. "We have a lot of plays and I have to know a lot of different positions. I could stay home and watch it, but Doc is always drawing up new plays. It'll be nice to be around the guys."