A $50,000 shot

BOSTON -- Chris Miller, a 30-year-old finance worker from Quincy, drilled a Miller Lite-sponsored $50,000 halfcourt shot during a second-quarter TV timeout during Friday's Celtics-76ers battle.

Miller, decked out in Kevin Garnett's green No. 5 road jersey, sent a low lob towards the cylinder and it ripped through the net as the entire TD Garden -- including the Celtics' bench -- erupted in celebration.

Miller nonchalantly celebrated as friends rushed onto the court to congratulate him.

Miller won the opportunity to attempt the shot during a bar contest at The Harp. He wasn't scheduled to appear until the middle of January, but was told tonight -- the first appearance of the Miller Light $50,000 halfcourt shot this season -- he'd be up first.

His friends advised him to aim for the top of the backboard, advice aimed at ensuring the shot would at least have a chance to reach the cylinder, and it splashed through.

Check out a small portion of the replay, hastily captured off the JumboTron, on our Twitter feed.