Williams on list of worst draft picks of decade

ESPN's Chad Ford assembled a list of the worst draft picks of the decade and the Atlanta Hawks selection of Shelden Williams with the fifth pick in the 2006 draft is cited at No. 5B.

One year after the CP3 debacle, Billy Knight had a chance to redeem himself. Washington guard Brandon Roy looked able to play some point guard in the league. Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo looked like the perfect type of point guard to push the pace and play smothering defense. But Knight balked at both Roy and Rondo and instead took Williams about 10 places higher than any other GM had predicted he would go.

Of course, the Hawks already had drafted three other forwards in the past two years, and although the thinking was that Williams could play some center, it didn't work out. The Hawks gave up on Williams a few years later. Meanwhile, Roy is a two-time All-Star, and Rondo has a championship ring and huge contract extension with the Celtics.