Check the batteries in the remote

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- With the Patriots and Celtics both scheduled for a 1 p.m. start Sunday, Celtics fans with a vested interest in New England's football fortune are set to put their remote controls through a rigorous workout today (lucky are those with picture-in-picture).

And since it's merely an early season game for the Celtics, it might be nice for couch potatoes to have something to flip to during TV timeouts from the action here at Gillette Stadium. But some aren't so pleased when the NBA and NFL butt heads.

Dallas owner Mark Cuban sounded off at the NFL earlier this week for scheduling the Cowboys for a Saturday night game, clashing with a Mavericks home game against the Utah Jazz.

Cuban then added some Twitter anger for the Celtics-Patriots overlap.

So the #NFL couldnt schedule the Patriots for the late game on Sun rather than opposite the Celtics @1pm ?

The difference here is that the Celtics are on the road and the Raptors would have no reason to inconvenience their own fans to accommodate those in another market.

We're down in Foxborough today to assist with ESPN Boston's playoff coverage, but we'll be keeping an eye on the Celtics today and will pass along some postgame thoughts as time permits. Enjoy the games.