In the 'bag: Trade talk

If he returns to form, Ray Allen could be the difference maker for the Celtics in the postseason. Brian Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

We've delivered this week's Celtics Mailbag, which includes a hefty focus on all the trade proposals that weighed down the the 'bag (most of the deals centered around the guy pictured at right) as the NBA's trade deadline (Feb. 18) approaches.

In between chatter about the likes of Kevin Martin, Andre Iguodala, and Caron Butler, we tackled your questions about team chemistry, the return of Marquis Daniels, Boston's 3-point shooting, and Paul Pierce's magic wheelchair.

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Our take on all the Ray Allen rumors? The Celtics will ultimately find there's nothing out there worth shattering the chemistry and continuity Boston currently enjoys (even if it doesn't seem like that during their recent struggles).

From the mailbag: "As eager as opposing teams may be to obtain expiring contracts, and thereby setting themselves up for a charge at the prized free-agent pool this offseason, I don't believe the Celtics will move Allen. Sure, the 34-year-old is struggling and the knee-jerk reaction is to assume he's washed up and should be moved for younger players. But, if he returns to form, there's not a player on the trade market who will help this team more in the postseason than Allen."