Injury roundup: Pierce in wheelchair; Ray feeling better

Boston's Big Three limped into the All-Star break, but here's a couple of injury updates on Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy relays the somewhat comical details of Pierce being spotted in a wheelchair as he flew from New Orleans to Dallas for the All-Star festivities.

DALLAS - Yesterday morning was busy at the end of Concourse C in New Orleans International Airport. Passengers were waiting for a flight from Dallas, not much room to move, and there was Paul Pierce, maneuvering through a gauntlet of luggage while in a wheelchair.

Say what?

“Ah, it’s nothing, I’m just kiddin’,” said Pierce, who plans to participate in All-Star Weekend despite a strained left foot.

Pierce already has a strange link with wheelchairs, dating back to Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals against the Lakers.

He strained his right knee, was helped off the floor and put into a wheelchair in the third quarter. Like Larry Bird had in the famed fractured cheekbone playoff game against the Pacers in 1991, Pierce returned later in the same period.

After the Celtics won the title and Pierce was named Finals MVP, he was wheeled by a nurse onto the set of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” while cradling the championship trophy.

“But that was real - this is just foolin’,” he said of his magical recovery against the Lakers.

Except that he has a foot problem now. And players wonder how rumors get started.

“Yeah, for real,” said Rajon Rondo, his cynical look apparent as he watched Pierce’s cousin, Dave, push the smiling Celtics captain up to the gate attendant and down the jetway during first class boarding. “He left the plane and terminal in Dallas under his own power.”

Ray Allen, meanwhile, is in the Bahamas for a little sunshine during the break. He reports his back, which caused him to miss Wednesday's game in New Orleans, is feeling better.

From Ray Allen's Twitter:

I am in the Bahamas relaxing with the fam. It's beautiful here. My back is feeling better