Silversun Pickups root against Celts?

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Did the Silversun Pickups root for the Wizards Sunday?What exactly inspired the Washington Wizards to dominate the first three quarters of Sunday’s tilt with the Boston Celtics? Despite their best efforts, it probably wasn’t alternative rockers Silversun Pickups.

See, the Los Angeles-based band passed through Boston last week, opening for Muse Saturday night at TD Garden.

Silversun Pickups ended up in locker room No. 3 before their performance at the Garden and must have thought it also served as the visiting hoops locker room because a message was scrawled on a whiteboard in the room noting that “SSPU” (an abbreviation for the band) were rooting for the Wizards when they played the Celtics the next day.

Confused? Maybe this picture from the band's official Twitter account will clear up the confusion. Yep, it seems the tour bus might as well have a Lakers flag on it.

Unfortunately for the rock stars, the visiting NBA locker room is across the hall. And while opposing coaches sometimes set up shop in that locker room, on Sunday it was used for Michael Finley’s introductory press conference with the Boston media.

For those unfamiliar with the band, we’ve embedded a couple of their hits after the jump. Most sports fans would probably know them from Fox's use of “Lazy Eye” in a commercial for the MLB All-Star game last year.

Silversun Pickups: Lazy Eye

Silversun Pickups: Panic Switch