EA Sports

Trust us on this one: There will be no fretting about the state of KG's knee when his likeness appears in the new home version of the groundbreaking arcade game "NBA Jam." NBA Jam is making a comeback and ESPN.com's Marc Stein runs down the three-man rosters he'd like to see for all 30 teams as part of this weekend's Daily Dime. It might be the best read of the year, particularly if you're a video game nerd like me.

The Celtics' section from Stein's Dime:

Original 1993 NBA Jam Twosome: Reggie Lewis and Kevin McHale

2010 EA Sports Ballot: Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Rasheed Wallace and Kendrick Perkins

Stein's Picks: Garnett, Pierce and Rondo

Tempting as it is to go the respect route with KG, Pierce and Allen -- since this is a game that can make them all look young and spry again with all the super-hero athleticism -- how could you possibly exclude Rondo? Especially in a game with no free throw shooting required? (I do suspect some gamers will rue the fact that Nate Robinson, by virtue of the fact that he's only been a Celtic for a month, wasn't on the ballot.

I think Stein nails the trio that will appear, but our preferred lineup: Rondo, Pierce, and Perkins C'mon, you're telling me EA Sports couldn't do some amazing things with Perkins. His signature move could be the "legal illegal screen" where he just crunches an opposing player -- Madden hit-stick style -- to spring a teammate on a monster jam. I'd pay $100 for that game.