Shootaround notes: KG keeps it brief

MIAMI -- A collection of news and notes after the Boston Celtics held a shootaround Friday morning at American Airlines Center in advance of Game 3 of an Eastern Conference first-round series with the Miami Heat:

The rundown (a quick look at shootaround headlines)

* KG keeps it brief with 'reaction' talk

* Doc: We're not 'up' in this series

* Loose balls: All 15 on trip, trick shots

KG keeps it brief with 'reaction' talk

Think Celtics forward Kevin Garnett is ready to play some basketball after a six-day break since he got tossed -- and later suspended for Game 2-- in the final moments of Saturday's Game 1 victory in Boston?

Garnett field a mere three questions Friday before yet another question about the reaction he expects Friday night seemed to bring about a swift end to the confab with reporters.

"I don't even care," snapped Garnett before quickly departing. Earlier in the week, Garnett noted he'd likely be the villain in Miami, but admitted he would embrace that role.

Before he departed, Garnett did stress the importance of Game 3.

"The fact that Game 3 is probably the momentum game, if you will, and it's probably the most difficult of the series [for the visiting team]. This is it. I expect [the Heat] to come out and play aggressive. They're at home, they play really well at home. So we have our work cut out for us tonight."

Asked if Boston's road success in the regular season, including two wins in Miami, could aid Boston, Garnett dismissed the notion.

"That's the regular season," he said. "We've learned from the past. This is a whole new season. Miami plays unbelievable good basketball at home. They have a lot of confidence here. We anticipate that."

Doc: We're not 'up' in this series

Celtics coach Doc Rivers reiterated that he doesn't feel his team is "up" 2-0 in the series. He simply believes his troops took care of business at home and Friday's Game 3 will tell whether his team is in control.

"Game 3's are Game 3's -- Miami has yet to have a home game," said Rivers. "We’ve had two. We’ve done our job. But I don’t consider ourselves up in the series. I consider that we won our two home game.s Now we have to come to play. If the two games [Thursday] didn't prove that, nothing will."

The top-seeded Cavaliers and Lakers carried 2-0 advantages into Game 3 of their respective series Thursday, but both dropped nail-biters to the eighth seeds on the road (Chicago and Oklahoma City, respectively).

Asked if he points to those scores to encourage his team, Rivers admitted he does -- but that they are aware of them anyhow.

"You point to everything you get," said Rivers. "You point to a football game, a baseball game. Having said that, they know it, too. They saw it -- at least half of them -- so you hope they understand it as well.

"You keep preaching it and you hope they keep hearing it, or at least half of it. That wouldn't be bad either. No, we're disciplined in that way. We'll find out. I told our guys, we haven't done well in these situations all year. We really haven't. At times we played well, we'd let our guard down. We'll find out our mental resolve and toughness tonight."

Loose balls: All 15 on trip, trick shots

* The Celtics appeared to have perfect attendance at Friday's shootaround, and that included the three players not current only the active portion of the roster in Brian Scalabrine, Tony Gaffney, and Oliver Lafayette. For the two young players, this playoff experience cannot be undervalued and clearly gives them a leg up on competition when they battle others in the summer league for a chance at any available roster spots.

* Shelden Williams and Glen Davis engaged in a friendly contest to see who could hit a shot while seated in the front row beyond the baseline. After Williams struggled to get the ball on target, Davis swished his third attempt. Williams answered with a couple halfcourt baskets as the team packed up to return to the hotel.