More retired numbers

Yearbook via New York Times

Paul Pierce in his No. 34 Inglewood jersey during his high school days.Before diving into the grind of another season, Paul Pierce will visit his old stomping grounds at Inglewood High School, where his No. 34 jersey will be retired on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Check out this New York Times feature on Pierce for more on his rise to basketball stardom.

Pierce isn't the only Boston hoopster getting immortalized at his old school this month. Nate Robinson had his Rainier Beach No. 2 jersey retired Friday afternoon in Seattle.

"It's great to come back here and get my jersey hung up in the rafters," Robinson told the Seattle Times. "At any level, when you get your jersey retired, I think it's pretty awesome. It's a blessing. For me, attending Rainier Beach High School was like a family."

Our pal, Jay Ouellette from Red's Army, directs your attention to THIS video from the 1995 high school All-American game, which features younger versions of Pierce and Kevin Garnett (who is no less hyped up than he is today). For bonus points, try to find Mark Blount.