Morning snapshot: What are you looking at?

D.Lippit/Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Go ahead, insert your own caption. Meanwhile, here's a quick rundown of headlines after the Boston Celtics defeated the Detroit Pistons 109-86 Tuesday night:

  • Five from afar: You're motoring: Five observations after Boston's triumph in the Motor City, starting with the Celtics' valuing the basketball and committing a mere eight turnovers (none of which came from Rajon Rondo).

  • First impressions: Celtics vs. Pistons: Initial reaction after a game in which Boston never trailed, evne if the starters had to come back in late to ensure a comfortable triumph.

  • Taking charge: Davis leads the way: Glen Davis led Boston with five charges drawn through the first three games ... then he went out and took two more vs. Detroit.

  • TrueHoop: Guard Rondo, already: Some of TrueHoop's finest minds examine Rondo's ability to create for teammates after his 24-assist effort vs. the Knicks and wonder why any team would give him room to operate.

  • Rondo's breakout season?Insider: An All-Star with a world championship ring, it might seem hard to argue that Rajon Rondo is on the verge of a breakout season. But John Hollinger does just that in his 2010-11 All-Breakout Team, noting: "What's different this season is that the Celtics appear to be running much more offense through him than in previous seasons. He's on par for a career high in usage rate, which helps explain how he has 50 assists in three games. Plus, he seems destined to average close to 40 minutes a game given Boston's iffy situation at backup point guard and the age of his cohorts.Additionally, Rondo is 24 years old, which is pretty close to the peak age for his class of player. Speedy point guards tend to bloom younger than other positions, so if Rondo was going to bust out, this would seem to be the year."