Perkins: Tonight 'will be emotional'

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins returns to Boston Monday night with the Thunder.BOSTON -- Here are some quick highlights from Kendrick Perkins' meeting with reporters following Oklahoma City’s morning shoot at TD Garden.

* On hearing that Doc Rivers called him a Celtic for Life: “It means a lot. I still got a close relationship with Doc. I got a close relationship with [Rajon] Rondo, [Kevin Garnett], Paul [Pierce] and Ray [Allen]. When you win a championship together, you have a bond that no one can break. You can’t break that bond. I left one great situation to go to another great situation. Not every player who gets traded can say that.”

* On how he’ll feel playing against his old team: “It will be emotional, I’m sure. But you have to remind yourself where you are and remember that it’s a basketball game. You had friendships with these guys, so it’s hard. But I’m going to have to put my scowl on because I’m pretty sure KG is going to have his scowl on.”

* On this year’s Celtics: “They’re going to make the playoffs. And whatever team that they play, I’ll feel sorry for that team. (The Celtics) will be all right.”

* On losing so much weight: “I did it to take the pressure of my knees. I did it over the summer and through the lockout because I wanted to come back healthy. Last year, I just wasn’t myself, physically. It was a new team and I wasn’t 100 percent. I’m still not there totally, but I’m getting close. And I haven’t lose any strength. I’m what you call Country Strong.”

* On his role with the Thunder: “I’m like a big brother to a lot of these guys. I feel old, but I know I’m not old. My role on the floor hasn’t changed, but I feel like I have to be more of a leader. And I still text Paul and KG for advice on how to lead, how to approach certain situations. That is all new to me. But the family isn’t going anywhere.”

* On dinner with Rajon Rondo Sunday night: “We didn’t have much to talk about it because we talk on the phone almost every day. I was like, ‘what’s up?’ And he was like, ‘what’s up?’ He paid. He comes to Oklahoma City on his birthday so I’ll take him out then.”