Hollinger: C's and D12 a good fit?

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

Doc Rivers and Dwight Howard.In his Valentine's Day Per Diem columnInsider, ESPN.com's John Hollinger ranks the best potential teammates for Dwight Howard and Boston's core lands high up on the list, occupying the "now it's getting interesting category" alongside players from New Jersey, Orlando, and Chicago (spoiler alert: Hollinger ultimately declares Chris Paul the best possible teammate):

Rajon Rondo, 61.5; Paul Pierce, 86.4; Ray Allen, 109.1; Kevin Garnett, minus-34.9: You'll notice that Boston's three perimeter players all rate very highly for playing with Dwight, and that even Garnett's mark is pretty solid compared to the other frontcourt players on this list. You have to think this might pique Howard's interest ever so slightly -- he has a great distributor to get him the ball, two deadly 3-point shooters on either wing, and carte blanche to get every defensive rebound. (Incidentally, Garnett, like Griffin, had his 3-point percentage ratcheted down to a more a believable 30 percent from his current 75 percent on four attempts). Of course, this is only one axis of Dwight's decision; age is another, so while Howard may be a nice fit with these four at the present, it's hard to imagine the three elder Celtics lasting very far into a Dwight Howard tenure in Beantown.

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