Pregame: One eye on the Duke game

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- With his son playing his first NCAA tournament game some 2,200 miles away, Celtics coach Doc Rivers was trying to balance pregame responsibilities (both those with the media and, you know, getting his team ready for a game against the Kings) while keeping an eye on the Duke-Lehigh game.

It would have been a whole lot easier to ignore the TV if second-seeded Duke (featuring his son, Austin) had been taking care of business, but 15th-seeded Lehigh hung around all night and pulled off the upset in Greensboro, N.C.

It's fair to say that Rivers' bracket is in disarray. On Thursday, he offered a big vote of confidence for Missouri (featuring Phil Pressey, son of Rivers' former Boston assistant Paul Pressey), only to watch 15th-seeded Norfolk State stun the second-seeded Tigers on Friday afternoon.

Reporters tried to help Rivers out by limiting questions to a mere 123 seconds before letting him sneak back to his office (Duke had a slim second-half lead at that point). Rivers probably wishes he stayed out in the hallway outside the locker room.