Technically speaking: Doc tops in techs

Bob DeChiara/US Presswire

Celtics coach Doc Rivers isn't afraid to voice his complaints.PHILADELPHIA -- Somewhere, Kendrick Perkins is proud of his old coach.

After picking up his eighth technical foul of the season Thursday night in Milwaukee, Doc Rivers not only topped the list of coaches' technicals, but owned a two-tech cushion on the rest of the field (heck, only seven other coaches have four or more technicals this season).

Rivers has already paid $20,000 for those infractions, but it hasn't detoured his approach.

"Last year I was on the bottom of the list, so I wanted to reach a goal this year and be on top of the list," quipped Rivers. "I don’t know. I’ve gotten some that I’ve earned ..."

His voice trailed off slightly, allowing another question to arrive (and maybe save him from donating even more money to the league office). Asked if he felt like he was more vociferous in his complaints this season, Rivers swore he hasn't modified his technique.

"I just think they are quicker this year," said Rivers. "I don’t think I’ve changed at all. I just think the way they’ve been called has changed, for sure. They are quick with them. I mean, the one [Thursday] night [in Milwaukee after a non-call on Brandon Bass] ... I said, ‘I thought he got fouled.’ That was about it."

With only 19 games left in the regular season, Rivers likely doesn't have to worry about the 13-tech limit before suspensions start. But, kidding or not, he might just get his wish to top the coaches' technical foul leaderboard this season.

In case you were wondering, Perkins led all players with 11 technicals through Thursday's games. Rajon Rondo tops Boston players this season with seven technicals (Paul Pierce has 4, while Kevin Garnett and Jermaine O'Neal have 3).