5-on-5s: Previewing Celtics vs. Heat

MIAMI -- It's a double-dose of 5-on-5 today as we get you ready for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat:

First up, it's ESPN.com's 5-on-5 look at this series. ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg joins forces with three Heat Index writers and ESPN.com's David Thorpe to answer these five questions:

1. Fact or Fiction: LeBron and D-Wade will continue their scorching play.

2. Fact or Fiction: For Boston to beat the Heat, Rajon Rondo is the key.

3. Fact or Fiction: Ray Allen's injury means more than Chris Bosh's injury.

4. Fact or Fiction: Miami wanted to face Philly, not Boston.

5. Fact or Fiction: Miami knocks out Boston for the second straight year.

Hop HERE to read the full 5-on-5.

Next up, Forsberg and colleague Greg Payne join forces with a trio from TrueHoop partner CelticsHub to run down the series. A glance at the questions:

1. Can C's take advantage of Bosh's absence?

2. Do the C's have answer for defending Wade?

3. Who is Boston's X-factor? What about for Miami?

4. Do we finally see a great series from Rajon Rondo?

5. Prediction time: What happens in Game 1? And who wins the series?

Hop HERE to read the full 5-on-5.