Poll: Credit LeBron or blame Celtics?

Was the Heat's blowout victory in Game 6 at the Garden more a product of LeBron James single-handedly carrying his team (45 points on 19-of-26 shooting) or the Celtics just falling flat on their home floor? In other words, had both LeBron and the Celtics' Big Four all brought their A-games, would the result have still been the same?

Vote in the poll to the right or weigh in in the comments section. It's clear how ESPN's NBA Countdown crew feels about it. Here are a couple of excerpts from their postgame comments (video above).

* Magic Johnson: "When you get to Games 6 and 7, it's about endurance, it's about tired legs, it's about whether your 1 or 2 stars can perform because the rest of the guys are going to be tired. The Celtics are dead tired right now. Miami took advantage in Game 6 and they're going to do the same thing in Game 7. The Celtics, yes they're champions, but they just don't have enough to beat the Miami Heat."

* Jon Barry: "I just thought (the Celtics) were a worn out team. They've exceeded my expectations to get to a Game 7 without question. But I think they're fatigued. I think this is it. We talked about what would happen to the Miami Heat if they didn't win. Well this is the end of the Big Three (in Boston). This is the last we'll see of this Celtics team. Their run is over. They've had a tremendous 5-year run, but they're going to be broken up as soon as this thing is over on Saturday night."