Green's Day


One leftover nugget on Green from Saturday's first practice. Celtics coach Doc Rivers was asked about Green's seemingly undeterred desire to return to Boston this season (this despite the fact that he was an unrestricted free agent coming off the heart surgery). Rivers felt confident he'd be back, in part because he had a reliable source relaying what he was thinking about Green's future plans.

"[Green] had some suitors, and he didn’t really listen to any of them," said Rivers. "I know it because his agent [David Falk] is my son [Austin's] agent. It never failed, whenever I was talking about Austin, somehow we got back on Jeff. [Falk] was frustrated... at times because Jeff didn’t want to hear anyone else’s offer. That was nice. He knew where he wanted to go, which I think is refreshing. And this is where he ended up."

Green still landed himself a healthy payday, signing a four-year, $36.2 million deal this offseason. Now the Celtics are hoping their desire to keep him in Boston, and Green's desire to play here, will allow him to reach his full potential.