Scalabrine: Why KG's teammates love him

Former Celtics reserve and fan favorite Brian Scalabrine sits down with Bill Simmons and tells him why Kevin Garnett could be the most beloved teammate in the NBA and how Rajon Rondo compares to legendary point guard Jason Kidd.

Garnett is "the most hated opponent in the NBA but probably the most beloved teammate in the NBA," says Scalabrine, who played with KG in Boston from 2008 to 2010. "Talk to anybody who's been on his team -- even Big Baby who he made cry in the middle of a game."

He went on to share a couple of stories describing KG's generosity with his teammates as well as his pure passion for the game of basketball.

"He wants everyone to understand that this game is not a game, it's a lifetime passion" to him, says Scalabrine.

And on Rondo, Scal says, "I think Rondo wins the MVP this year." He goes on to compare him to Kidd, but adds, "Here's the difference: Jason Kidd is a culture changer in the NBA."

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