Bass draws start in opener

MIAMI -- Celtics coach Doc Rivers revealed his big secret: Brandon Bass, not Jeff Green nor Jared Sullinger, will open the 2012-13 season on the floor against the defending NBA champion Miami Heat.

Once Miami's ring ceremony is over, Rivers hopes Bass will provide good defense at power forward against the Heat's 3-4 pick-and-rolls.

Two-guard Courtney Lee will start alongside Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Injured guard Avery Bradley (shoulder) and rookie Fab Melo are inactive.

No matter who starts, the matchup games will soon begin. Rivers said there may be surprises the first week of the season, but not after that.

"You can run new sets for a week; after that, that’s over," he said. "I’m sure Miami has worked on something all summer and they're going to unveil it tonight. And they will fool us probably -- for a little while, and hopefully we figure it out and we’ll probably do the same. But after about 10 games of the season, there’s no more secrets in our league. And usually -- hopefully -- it’s quicker than that."

Choice quote: Ray Allen told reporters in the Heat locker room about what he learned this offseason. "I learned you're either in a storm, coming out of a storm or about to go into a storm," he said.

Wilcox excited: Center Chris Wilcox was emotional about playing in his first game since February, when a heart ailment ended his season.

"This is all my blessing, you know what I’m saying?" he said. "My first game back, man. I’m just right now at a loss for words. This is a tough one today."

Wilcox, who said he could lift just five pounds with a bicep curl after surgery for an enlarged aorta, is regaining his strength "slowly," he said. He feels his speed is there, but only in short bursts.

Doesn't matter. Just putting on a uniform and playing is good enough for now.

"I'm back to me now," he said. "Back enjoying my life and moving forward. It’s tough for me right now. This is a great feeling, a great opportunity for me to be back."