Ainge: 'Our team's going to be good'

November, 2, 2012
AP Photo/Michael DwyerCeltics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge.
Quick hits following Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge's first weekly appearance of the season on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM):

On the Celtics' opening night loss to Miami: "I just did not think we played well. I didn't think we were very aggressive, offensively or defensively. Offensively, I felt like we were trying to take short cuts, and, defensively, I just didn't feel like we were aggressive throughout the course of the game. We didn't attack them. We were reacting to what they were doing, and I really like our team. I think our team's going to be good, but I just didn't think we played very well."

On Kevin Garnett "snubbing" Ray Allen: "That's old news. Ray Allen ... I thought it was refreshing, actually, how KG responded. It's different than everybody else and it's KG. I think Ray was not offended by it, so why should anybody else? ... I think that Ray obviously had motives to come over and say, 'Hi,' to the team and I just don't think KG was interested in any of that. And KG is a guy that's focused on the game, and nobody knows that better than Ray."

On reaching out to Allen after he signed with Miami: "I've tried to reach out to Ray. Ray doesn't have the same number, and so, I didn't even realize that until recently. But he hadn't responded. I just thought he wasn't responding."

On Rondo's flagrant foul on Dwyane Wade being a "punk move": "I don't think so, no. I thought Wade got by Rondo and he grabbed him to foul him to prevent the lay-in and sometimes you get yourself in ugly positions. I don't think he meant to grab him around the neck. It just happened that way."

On the Celtics' plan for Fab Melo: "We like what we've seen in Fab so far in practice in September when he was here before the season. Fab puts in his work, he's working hard in the weight room. We need to get him stronger, and Fab is a late bloomer in basketball. He took up the game late and he's got a lot to learn about the game itself. He has good athletic instincts, but he does need to learn about execution, both offensively and defensively ... we hope to get Fab to Portland, Maine [with the Red Claws of the D-League] and get a lot of playing time this year and a lot of individual instruction. We see him as a guy that could be a contributing center, even a starting center, in this league at some point in his career."

On Jeff Green's lackluster performance Tuesday: "Jeff had a tough matchup the other night. We were playing him strictly at the 4, we didn't really have any matchup advantages for him like he had in the preseason, and we weren't trying to exploit those matchups, because LeBron was playing most of the game, the first three quarters anyway, when Jeff was on the court. So, I just think it's one game. I didn't think he was tentative. I think he went to the hole strong twice. He didn't finish, but he shot four free throws, he missed a couple shots that he had made, you know, those driving right hand lay-ins that just didn't go in. But I wouldn't read anything into that."



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Jeff Green
16.9 1.7 0.7 34.2
ReboundsJ. Sullinger 8.1
AssistsR. Rondo 9.8
StealsR. Rondo 1.3
BlocksK. Humphries 0.9