Pregame: Terry ready to play former squad

BOSTON -- Boston Celtics guard Jason Terry, set to play his former squad for the first time Wednesday night when the Dallas Mavericks visit TD Garden, continued to downplay the significance of the matchup before tipoff.

"It's going to be more special when we go to Dallas, because then you've got the fans involved," said Terry. "I know they'll be watching tonight, but it's a lot different when you're on the court and you're in that arena again. So, tonight's going to be good. I'll see everybody, say 'What's up?' but again, March 22, it's going to be special."

So you've got the date circled, JET?

"Oh, no question. No question," he said. "Again, I've still got friends and family that still live in the area. My AAU teams are still out there, so it's going to be fun to go back."

Terry, who signed a three-year deal with Boston this offseason, said Dallas is still his home and hopes to return there some day (possibly in a role with the Mavericks organization). But he suggested that's likely a ways off.

"I definitely feel like I've got several good years at a high level still playing," said Terry. "So you never know."

Terry reflected fondly on his time in Dallas.

"Everything we did in Dallas was special, obviously, and I'll always remember -- that lasting memory for me, it wasn't last year's season and the lockout, it was what we accomplished in 2011, winning a championship for that city, for that organization," said Terry.

Asked if he misses Terry, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said, "As KC Jones would say, 'Does a bear [go to the bathroom] in the woods?' Yeah, we miss him."

A few more notes from pregame, including Fab Melo's quick shuttle between Maine and Massachusetts, Rivers won't give any clues on Avery Bradley's return, and Carlisle joked about getting his number retired in Boston.

* FAB BACK TO MAINE: The Celtics recalled rookie center Fab Melo from Maine on Monday, then returned him to the Red Claws of the D-League on Wednesday. Why the quick back-and-forth? Rivers clarified that Melo is battling an injury (a quadriceps issue) and needed to be formally recalled in order to meet with the Celtics' training staff. "The new rule is that if you bring a guy back, you have to activate him," said Rivers. "We had to activate him because he’s injured and he needed treatment with us. It sounds a little silly, but that’s the rule."

* NO BRADLEY UPDATE: If he knows anything about the potential return of guard Avery Bradley (shoulders), Rivers didn't provide any hints. Asked about his potential return to contact activity, long rumored for mid-December, Rivers noted: "He’s shooting and running, he’s doing skeleton with us on the floor. So my assumption is eventually someone will tell me something [about his return]. Or [reporters] will. I’m open to either one." Pressed on an updated timeline, River said: "I really don’t know. I haven’t heard a projection and I honestly haven’t asked. So I have no idea at all."

* No. 34 IN THE RAFTERS: While reflecting on the 1986 championship season he was a part of with Boston, Carlisle hilariously detailed how he's looking forward to seeing his No. 34 hang in the rafters at TD Garden. He said he'd allow Paul Pierce to join in that celebration when it occurs.