Podcasts: Rivers on the radio

The Celtics as a team might be off today, but it was a busy radio morning for Doc Rivers.

The Celtics' head coach phoned into ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning to discuss Paul Pierce's 40-point outburst, Rajon Rondo's offensive development, Boston's veteran roster, the 'Hack-a-Dwight' strategy, the death of Rick Majerus, and more.

Rivers also had his weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI (93.7 FM). A few highlights from that call:

* Rivers reflected on an emotional day last Friday and how his team dealt with news of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. "We talked about it before the Houston game, before we went out on the floor. There are things that happen in the real world, I don’t know if that's not the worst thing that I've ever seen in my lifetime, as far as with kids. I could see Kevin [Garnett] was affected before the game, and Paul [Pierce] and Brandon [Bass] -- guys with kids. Even guys that don't. That's something we absolutely did talk about; not your typical pregame speech, I can tell you that. I thought it needed to be. We had our own little moment of silence in the locker room before we went out on the floor. Again, that’s as bad as I’ve seen."

* Rivers said he didn't believe Jason Collins' hard foul on Tristan Thompson deserved the flagrant-1 designation the referees determined upon video review on Wednesday. Rivers suggested the call might get reversed once officially reviewed by the league. "The ball is what hit the guy in the face... I've got a feeling that he will not be fined." Asked if he got an explanation from the game officials, Rivers noted, "They said he hit him in the face very hard."

* Asked about inconsistencies from Jeff Green, Rivers again preached patience while suggesting that there may be endurance issues lingering as he works his way back from heart surgery that forced him to miss all of last season. That said, Rivers also continued to implore Green to play with more aggression and stop waiting for Boston to call his numbers with set plays. "Jeff has to go get it if he wants it. I think, at times, he waits for us to make a call," said Rivers.

* Rivers bottom-lined Boston's up-and-down play thus far: "We're just not consistent enough. As a team, we're not consistent enough. Every night there are one or two guys who don't do their jobs."

* While admitting Avery Bradley still needs some time before he's ready to return to game action, Rivers raved about his first full-contact practice in Chicago on Monday. "Half the team was asking him why he's not playing [now]," said Rivers. "He was that good in practice."